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Ultimate Connectivity

The new Hyundai CRETA is equipped with home-to-car with Alexa and innovative Hyundai Bluelink app gives you the power to control your car from the comfort of your home or office.

Ultimate Safety

The new Hyundai CRETA comes equipped with 70 plus advanced safety features including six airbags, as standard.

Spatial artistry

With its symphony of space, the new Hyundai CRETA is a work of art. In the new Hyundai CRETA, every journey is a moving moment – even when stationary.

Ultimate sound

Immerse yourself and make every drive an Ultimate driving experience with the powerful, precision tuned Bose Premium Sound System (8 speakers)

A harmony between the visible and invisible

A stylish exterior design lets the inner beauty shine through. Experience a new driving sensation.

Ex Showroom Price (Cochin)

Variant Price
Petrol Variants
E 1,099,900.00
EX 1,217,700.00
S 1,339,200.00
S(O) 1,432,400.00
SX 1,526,900.00
SX DT 1,541,900.00
S(O) 1,582,400.00
SX Tech 1,594,900.00
SX Tech DT 1,609,900.00
SX(O) 1,723,800.00
SX (O) DT 1,738,800.00
SX Tech 1,744,900.00
SX Tech DT 1,759,900.00
SX(O) 1,869,800.00
SX (O) DT 1,884,800.00
SX(O) 1,999,900.00
SX (O) DT 2,014,900.00
Diesel Variants
DSL E 1,244,900.00
DSL EX 1,367,700.00
DSL S 1,489,200.00
DSL S(O) 1,582,400.00
DSL S(O) 1,732,400.00
DSL SX Tech 1,744,900.00
DSL SX Tech DT 1,759,900.00
DSL SX(O) 1,873,900.00
DSL SX(O) DT 1,888,900.00
DSL SX(O) 1,999,900.00
DSL SX(O) DT 2,014,900.00